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How I Feel Today

Posted in Thoughts on Health by ses31 on January 27, 2010

I woke up feeling like I should be back in the bed. I have been having an off-week this week, with restless nights and insomnia. I came home from church Sunday with a 100 degree fever and it has yet to come down below 99. I usually run a 97-98.

I got on the scale this morning only to find that I have lost 12 pounds total in one week. I am noticing from several other factors that I am starting to become malnourished in terms of my necessary vitamins and minerals.

My neurologist’s office called yesterday. They don’t want to wait until March to see me. They want to see me next week. Probably to discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of my continuing on Topamax therapy for prevention of migraines in light of the kidney stone in December.

The urologist did not have the results of the pathology from that yet as of yesterday. But I will want them forwarded to me so I can make sure my primary care doctor, my endocrinologist, the immunologist, and I guess the neurologist and my mitral valve specialist gets them.

My mitral valve specialist told me when she looked at the results of the bloodwork that got me into the appointment with the immunologist that she would me more alarmed at my IgE level than my flagged IgG subclasses 1 and 3. Although in all honesty, even the IgA and the IgM and the other IgG subclasses 2 and 4 were a little troubling to me.

But she may be right. I have virtually no IgE, yet I have a multitude of allergies that the doctors can’t find on tests despite my clinical history-“Doctors can be stupid sometimes.” You’re right Mr. Bob. When will they learn that if a substance causes the symptoms, and the elimination of the substance eliminates the symptoms, but the reintroduction of the substance brings back the symptoms, it’s a strong possibility that an allergy exists?

But finally after two years, I am hoping to have some answers soon…. In the meantime, today, I feel kind of sick with sneezing, a slight ear ache, a fever, itchy, watery eyes and some mild pains again.


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