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So I’m Getting Traffic…By a Few Weird People Who Want to Push Their Advertising…

Posted in Uncategorized by ses31 on February 20, 2010

I don’t mind reading comments to some of my blogs, but what I have a problem with is when they go pushing their own websites that are advertising businesses or causes I cannot support. The one I just had was regarding my post about how I was going to be seeing an immunologist and for those people that know me, this immunologist is like the last step doctor as none of my other doctors have been able to figure anything out yet. But this guy did three things wrong, well four, but the three main things was referring to me as “man,” saying “don’t waist time” – it should be “waste,” and making the assumption I hadn’t already seen an allergist at some point in the midst of everything and that perhaps the only reason I don’t still have an allergist is because they can never find anything wrong even when I have all the signs and symptoms before their eyes! That’s because I have no IgEs, the commonly tested allergy component of the immune system. And by the time the immunologist refigured my original test, my IgAs which mostly deal with allergies, particularly food allergies, they are the parts found in the mucosal linings of our bodies, are very low. My original labs showed deficiency in IgG subclasses 1 and 3 and subclasses 2 and 4 were low in addition to IgM was low. This is pretty serious at any rate. But that’s the hardest part about playing the waiting game.


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